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Three Winners Card Sales 

next Tuesday 8/22

I will be there will the shirts for participants in the summer program

Hello all,

Wayzata Nordic will be participating in the 3 Winners Blitz this year! This is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug.22, 2017 from 6-9pm and will be located at Wayzata High School in gyms 1 & 2.

Each athlete will be required to sell 3 cards - there is an option to pre-sell your cards as well. Please let me know if you would like more than 3 cards as we have to request that up front.

The following is the schedule for the evening’s event 8/22:

·       5:15 Team Reps and Coaches Meeting in Gymnasium

·       5:30 Athletes Begin Receiving Packets & Meet in Gymnasium

·       6:00 Sales Blitz Starts

·       8:00 Sales Blitz Ends

·       10:00 Team Reconciliations Completed

Ø  No athletes will be allowed to leave the gym after picking up their packet until 6:00 pm when all athletes are released.

Ø  Plymouth Police will be aware of the blitz and will be present at the high school exit at 6:00 pm as well as throughout the evening.

Ø  The envelopes given to athletes are printed with a summary of the Three Winner Card benefits and key selling points for help in sales. Attached is a document with selling tips and possible script athletes could use.

Ø  Athletes can return and hand in their packets any time after the blitz begins.

Ø  Athletes are asked to not sell in the neighborhoods closest to the high school unless they live there.

Ø  When the athletes return with money for sold cards, they will receive a Culver's token good for a free scoop of custard (can be used anytime).

Ø  There will be a raffle to award (4) $25 gift cards, but the drawing will not held until all team sales are completed (not on the night of the sales blitz, about a week after the blitz date).

Ø  If your team will have younger athletes traveling with older athletes in cars, please be sure your parents are aware of this arrangement.

Ø  If you pre-sell your cards, you need only to turn in your money and collect your cards to hand out to those who purchased them from you, you do not need to go out for the blitz, but need to stay until 6 pm when all athletes are released.

Wayzata Nordic Captains 2017/18

Boys Girls

Luc Golin         Marina Berardino

Anders Sonnesyn Mara Brick

Sam Smith Anna Ingemann

Walter Smith Lea Wagner

Wayzata Summer Train Program will be posted soon.



Head Coach
Larry Myers
Assistant Coaches
Brad Erickson
Megan Bennett
Jim Williams
Greg Engel
Andrew Hansen
Steve Sonnesyn
John Schneider
Sheryl Golin
Cliff Swensen
Team Captains
Marina Berardino
Mara Brick
Luc Golin
Anna Ingemann
Sam Smith
Walter Smith
Anders Sonnesyn
Lea Wagner



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